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Welcome to SEENI, Malaysia's first supercontent aggregator platform..

"Welcome to SEENI, Malaysia's first super content aggregator platform, where we've got something for everyone, no matter what phase of life you're in. From beauty to rides, news to gossip, and everything in between, we curate content that caters to all palates. Immerse yourself in our Seeniverse - a holistic content experience that's out of this world! Ready to explore, vibe, and connect? Jump on the app now and become a part of our Seeniverse. Your journey into a world of endless possibilities starts here!"

Welcome to SEENI, Malaysia’s first ever gempak content aggregator platform, where we’ve got a lil’ something for everyone, no matter what chapter you’re in life. From glam and glitz to vrooms and zooms, hot off the press news to the latest town gossip, and everything else in between, we’ve got the whole shebang to suit every one of your fancy. So, come lose yourself in our Seeniverse – a whole other dimension of content experience that’s just too good to be true! Ready to jalan-jalan, feel the vibes, and get connected? Hop on the app now and be part of our ever-growing Seeniverse fam. The adventure of a lifetime into a world brimming with endless possibilities starts right here, right now!”